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The American Investment Fund SEAF hosts the Professional Fellowship of our team member Hela JELASSI

We are pleased to announce that our team member Hela Jelassi has started her professional fellowship in the International Investment Management Group “Small Enterprise Assistance Funds – SEAF” that provides growth capital and business assistance to SMEs in emerging and transition markets.

With more than 640 Million Dollars of invested capital and 1.1 Billion Dollars of committed capital, SEAF is considered among the main actors of impact investing in the world!

Being part of this International Investment Group will be a great opportunity for Alternative Business Consulting – ABConsulting to attract new investors for Tunisian SMEs and Start-ups!

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank SEAF for welcoming our Team Member Hela Jelassi during her professional fellowship in Washington DC!

According to her, being part of one of the main impact investment funds in the world, that manages more than 640 Million Dollars of invested capital, was an invaluable experience full of fruitful collaboration, networking and discovering new aspects of the impact investing.

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